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Does a team for social media seem like overkill? Larger brands like Gatorade and Volkswagen have taken it even further, with dedicated social media “war rooms” decked out with monitors that display social media and blog analytics including overall brand mentions and detailed sentiment analysis. Though it would be easy to dismiss social media as less important than tried-and-true marketing channels, this is dangerous and potentially disastrous thinking that innovative brands are leaving behind. When customer service was handled privately via a telephone call with scripted responses or a tailored email exchange, the company was fully in control. With customers now using open forums to voice their complaints, the customer relationship management model has shifted from private conversations to the public domain. With 78% of Internet users conducting product research online, can your business survive 78% of your customers being exposed to the negativity generated by a lazy social media presence? – See more at:


Step one : to adapt the action plan by understanding the customer’s experience
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